Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) in Streatham

Root Canal Treatment

Generally, a tooth requires root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) if the nerve of the tooth known as the pulpal tissue becomes irreversibly infected or damaged which causes the nerve to inflame and possibly die. This usually occurs if the nerve has been affected by decay or if the tooth has suffered trauma. In the case of an infected or damaged nerve, bacteria rapidly grows in the roots and pulp chamber and root canal treatment is usually the only option remaining to save the tooth.

Root canal treatment is usually carried out over two appointments and involves removing the pulpal tissue and thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning out the chamber and canal/s of the tooth to eradicate the infection and bacteria. Medicine is then placed in the chamber and a temporary filling placed on top for protection. This allows the area to heal and a follow up appointment is usually made around 7 day’s time for the second part of the treatment. During this appointment, the temporary filling and remainder of medicine is removed. To prevent infection and bacteria affecting the tooth further, the canal/s are filled using a root canal sealant.

Following root canal treatment, the tooth is weakened as it no longer has the nerve supplying the vital blood supply. Therefore the treated tooth should have a crown restoration to protect it from fracture. Occasionally the crown preparation will be delayed whilst the success of the root canal treatment is reviewed. In this case, a temporary or semi-permanent restoration will be placed to protect the tooth during the review period.

Your dental practitioner at ConfiDental Clinic, Streatham will explain your options fully involving the root canal treatment, likely prognosis and subsequent restoration options following your assessment.

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