Dentures are a removable option to replace either a small number of missing teeth, known as a partial denture, or used to replace a full set of teeth, known as a complete denture.

The replacement of missing teeth can dramatically improve a person’s wellbeing, not only with the functional aspects but appearance also. If you have suffered tooth loss either due to gum disease, dental disease or trauma, bone loss occurs and can cause the face to sag which can have a drastic aging effect. Replacing missing teeth provides support to the area often taking years off.

Modern day dentures are now far more comfortable, discreet and acceptable, they are possibly more common than you think and are viable options for adults of all ages to replace missing teeth.

Dentures are available in various materials:

Types of denture


Most cost effective material to use for dentures. The gum area of the appliance is matched to your gum shade and the teeth are matched to your surrounding teeth so that the denture blends in to look like your natural teeth. To aid retention, discreet clasps may be attached in areas which clip onto your natural teeth to secure a tight fit.

Cobalt Chrome:

Superior in strength and comfort, Cobalt Chrome dentures have a very slim but strong and durable frame which the false teeth and gum areas are attached to. As the frame is so thin, Cobalt Chrome dentures are easier to adapt to and very comfortable to wear. The metal frame is unnoticeable when the denture is in place and the shade of the teeth are matched to your surrounding teeth allowing the denture to blend in and appear natural. As with the acrylic dentures, discreet clasps can be attached to aid retention, allowing you to speak, eat and drink normally.

Flexible dentures:

Provide a great cosmetic solution to people with missing teeth. The transparent appliance allows it to blend in with the natural gum colour and the shade of the teeth attached to the appliance are matched to the surrounding natural teeth. Flexible dentures are comfortable to wear and seldom cause sore areas due to the soft, flexible composition. Patients who are unable to proceed with Acrylic or Cobalt Chrome dentures, either due to oral anatomy irregularity or cannot tolerate the materials, can greatly advantage from flexible dentures.

Determining which type of denture to proceed with depends on many factors including the condition of your remaining teeth, extent of bone loss, cost, cosmetics, durability etc. Your practitioner at ConfiDental Clinic, Streatham will be happy to discuss all options at length so you can be sure to make an informed decision. If you would like to discuss your options to replace missing teeth, we are happy to see you for a free consultation. Please contact our reception team who can arrange this for you.

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