There’s No Need To Put Up With Bad Teeth – Act Now!

There’s No Need To Put Up With Bad Teeth – Act Now!

How we can help to restore the smile of Streatham patients who have poor quality teeth.

Through good personal oral care and regular attendance at the dentist, the chances of maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums are increased. However, this is not always the case and unfortunately some people do neglect their teeth whereas others have a genetic make-up which leaves them more prone to dental issues. Consequently it isn’t hard to see why some people find that, by their late twenties and onwards, their teeth are letting them down badly, both aesthetically and functionally.

At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we would like to assure all of our patients, both present and future, that we do not judge our patients, especially for past habits which may have caused any problems. Our role is in helping you to restore your teeth to a level where they function properly and no longer cause embarrassment when you smile.

Restoring very poor teeth

Patients who attend our practice in this situation may need to be prepared for a number of visits to enable us to significantly improve their teeth. We will always try to find the least invasive way possible to restore them where possible and before any treatment can start, you will need to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists. They will thoroughly examine your teeth including taking x-rays to determine if there are any problems that are not visible below the gum line.

Although treatment will vary according to each patient’s circumstances, the following are potentially some of the ones that may be used.


For teeth that are not too badly damaged or decayed, a filling may be used to restore them. As part of the reason for restoration is to make them look as natural as possible, we suggest that a tooth coloured filling is considered.


Where there are root canal problems or where a tooth has broken away to a relatively large degree or where a large cavity is present, it may be preferable to restore the tooth using a dental crown. This will offer both strength and a natural appearance. If the root canals of the tooth are found to be infected, a root canal procedure will necessary before the crown can be attached.

Replacing teeth

Unfortunately, if the teeth have been badly neglected, it is likely that some may need to be extracted. This obviously detracts from the look of the smile, and replacement teeth will be needed. Our Streatham dentists will discuss the pros and cons of the available options so that you can make an informed decision. Dentures or bridges can be provided at our Streatham practice, although, if you wish, dental implants can be placed at one of our sister sites in Clapham or Greenwich.

Once we have restored your mouth, it is important that you continue to look after them, both at home, and through regular attendance at the Confidental Clinic, both for dentist and hygienist appointments. For some, it may be a relatively long journey to get there, but the benefits will be more than worth it!

To arrange your initial consultation with one of our dental team, please call us today on 020 8674 2052.