Whiten Your Teeth Safely And Effectively In Streatham

Whiten Your Teeth Safely And Effectively In Streatham

A closer look at some of the teeth whitening methods currently available.

Whitening our teeth is one of the most straightforward and affordable ways of improving our smile without the need for invasive surgery. It is human nature though, to look for the cheapest way to achieve this, and our Streatham dentist looks below, at the various means that people currently investigate when they are seeking to whiten their teeth.

Natural solutions

We all know that the first place that people turn to for advice these days is often the internet. Whilst this is a great resource, there is also much poor and even dangerous information out there. For example, a popular result for ‘natural teeth whitening’ is the use of lemon juice. In reality, this will have very limited, if any, effect, but more importantly can be really harmful to your teeth as the acids will cause enamel erosion and expose the more vulnerable dentine layer of the tooth.

Our conclusion – Don’t do it!

Whitening toothpastes

You can’t fail to have noticed the increasingly popularity of whitening toothpastes currently being advertised. As is the nature of advertisements, claims for success are highlighted, and, as far as they are legally allowed to do, exaggerated. The reality is that whitening toothpastes do contain some of the whitening ingredient that is used by professionals. What the adverts don’t tell you is that the amount legally allowed is heavily restricted for safety reasons (some children eat toothpaste!) Because of this, most patients are likely to be disappointed with the results.

Our conclusion – Expect only small improvements, possibly barely noticeable. May be useful for extending the period of whiteness following a professional teeth whitening procedure such as those provided by the Confidental Clinic in Streatham.

Teeth whitening kits

These are available from chemists and are less restricted in the amount of the whitening agent allowed. This presents its own problems though as the trays in which the bleach is placed are not specifically made for each individual. This means that, for some people, the trays may not fit especially well, causing the bleach to leak from them onto the lips and gums, which could burn.

Our conclusion – More effective than whitening toothpastes but possibly risky.

Professional teeth whitening

At our convenient dentist in Streatham, we use custom teeth whitening kits to improve the whiteness of our patient’s teeth. These are similar to the kits mentioned above except for two important areas.

  1. Because you are under professional supervision, the amount of whitening ingredient allowed is significantly higher meaning that your teeth can be whitened more effectively.
  2. The trays are custom made to fit each individual’s teeth. This provides extra comfort, but, more importantly, minimises the risk of any burns from the bleaching agent on soft tissues.

Our Conclusion – The safest and most effective method available for whitening teeth. If you are serious about wanting to have great looking teeth without the risks, this affordable treatment is the way to go.

To find out more about our home teeth whitening kits, please call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8674 2052 to arrange your free initial consultation.