Ageing and Tooth Discolouration

Ageing and Tooth Discolouration

Why teeth ‘yellow’ with age and what we can do to help you restore the whiteness.

Almost everybody would agree that white teeth look nicer than those which have discoloured, often turning a shade of yellow. This is usually more noticeable in older patients and seems to bear no relation to their diet or smoking habits.

Many patients of our Streatham dental practice tell us that they brush their teeth twice a day, conscientiously, and yet, over time, their teeth lose the sparkle that they once had.

Stained enamel

There are two parts of the tooth which can become discoloured. The first, and most obvious is the surface enamel of the teeth. It is this part that is largely affected by smoking or other staining factors such as red wine or tea consumption. This can be slowed down by effective brushing, but, over time, the staining effect will start to show. The other part of the tooth is the softer inner dentin layer which gradually darkens over time. This is a natural part of the ageing process and there is nothing that we can do to stop this from happening.

Convenient teeth whitening

Having discoloured and yellow teeth as we get older, whilst entirely natural, is not something that patients of the Confidental Clinic simply have to put up with. In fact, a straightforward procedure is available at our Streatham practice which can greatly improve the whiteness of teeth that have been affected in this way. Our popular home teeth whitening treatment is both convenient and affordable and is designed to be performed in your own home.

By taking impressions of your teeth, we are able to provide whitening trays that fit comfortably and securely over your teeth, preventing the leaking of the whitening ingredient onto the lips and gums. The trays, into which the patient puts the whitening gel provided, are meant to be worn for a few hours a day at a time most convenient to you. After just a few weeks you will find that your teeth look up to eight shades whiter than they did at the start (you may wish to take a before and after ‘selfie’ to remind you of the improvement).

Topping up the whiteness

This new whiteness will last for many months but the teeth will naturally and gradually start to darken again after a period of time. One advantage of our home whitening kits is that it makes it a straightforward process to top up the whiteness as it starts to fade. Patients should note that it is important to use a whitening gel provided by our experienced dental team at Confidental Clinic and not to try to cut costs by, for example, buying it over the internet. This could prove to be very unsafe as well as less effective.

To arrange a consultation to discuss having your teeth whitened, please call the Confidental Clinic in Streatham on 020 8674 2052.