The Rise Of Adult & Teen Teeth Straightening

The Rise Of Adult & Teen Teeth Straightening

Why the numbers of teens and older people seeking orthodontic treatment is increasing.

Wearing dental braces once used to be the preserve of teenagers and the sight of kids in the playground with metal ‘train track’ style braces was quite common.

Even now, teenagers are still one of the largest groups to need orthodontic treatment, although the braces used are more refined and usually less visible, or alternatively, are very visible but in a ‘cool and stylish’ way in a range of colours. They certainly aren’t the stigma that they once were!

Over the last few years, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of adults that come to the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, seeking to have straighter and even teeth. Whereas once, this would have been seen as quite unusual, adult orthodontic treatment is rising quite rapidly.

The ‘Cool’ factor

One reason that we believe more adults are now happy to have this treatment is the prevalence of celebrities on TV programmes such as Love Island who have perfectly even and white teeth. Not only are some patients perhaps looking at this and thinking that they would like to have teeth like theirs, but the fact that TV celebrities are having this type of treatment makes it more acceptable or even ‘cool’.

As more adults, perhaps largely in their twenties and thirties, have been influenced by the celebrity culture and have had their teeth straightened, they have also added photos of their new even teeth on platforms such as Instagram and other social media. This has probably also encouraged many others to seek out the treatment, having seen the success of their friends.


As more and more people have their teeth straightened, it can have a knock on effect on the confidence of those whose teeth remain uneven. Even if we weren’t particularly happy with the way that our crooked teeth looked, there was at least a time, when we were far from alone. With more people now having even looking teeth, being the one with unsightly crooked teeth could have a significant impact on our confidence and sense of well being.

As well as affecting our confidence, crooked and uneven teeth could put us at a disadvantage when it comes to situations like dating or even when attending a job interview. Whilst a lack of confidence can have an effect on our employability, it is also said that one of the first things that people notice in others is our smile. If we are conscious about our teeth, it is likely that we will be more reluctant to smile and may come across as not so warm and friendly as another candidate.

Male dental braces

Although the sex ratio of teenagers with braces is fairly even, when it comes to adult orthodontics, it has traditionally been women who were more likely to have braces to straighten their teeth.  This is definitely changing and men are now increasingly likely to undergo orthodontic treatment. Again, perhaps this is due to the influence of media personalities, and, perhaps with men, footballers too. Long gone are the ‘Nobby Stiles’ kind of footballer smiles and it is now rare to see a footballer who doesn’t have pretty good looking teeth.

With the stigma of having braces now on the wane, we expect that we will start to see even more men attending our Streatham dental surgery to have this treatment in the future.

Not a vanity project

There may be some that claim that people wanting perfect looking teeth are vain. This type of view is certainly less common than it used to be, with many people now acknowledging the benefit of nicer looking teeth. Not only does having an even smile help our confidence, and, as mentioned earlier, may also help us in certain situations, it also means that you are likely to have healthier teeth as well.

There are two reasons why this might be the case:

Firstly, it makes sense that if you have great looking teeth and have spent hard earned money on this popular cosmetic dental procedure, then you are going to look after your teeth well so that you can keep it that way for as long as possible.

Secondly, the fact that your teeth are straight and even means that it is easier to clean between your teeth. Where teeth overlap or are packed tightly against each other, it can be difficult not only to brush that area, but even to get a piece of dental floss between them. Where you can’t clean an area well, there is a high possibility that tooth decay and/or gum disease will eventually follow.

If you have been standing on the edge, wondering whether to have your teeth straightened or not, why not join the growing band of Confidental Clinic patients who come to see Dr Payal Patel to discuss their options with her. There are now many types of orthodontics available, including almost invisible systems such as Invisalign.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your orthodontic braces options, with no obligation, please call our Stratham dental practice on 020 8674 2052.