Bleeding Gums – What Does It Mean?

Bleeding Gums – What Does It Mean?

Minor symptoms can indicate that a larger problem may be just around the corner.

Unless we already have problematic teeth, we probably don’t think about them a great deal. We use them to bite and chew our food, and hopefully, clean them twice a day as the very basics of looking after them.

For those who have experienced few problems with them, it can come as something of a shock when they see blood in their saliva when they spit after brushing their teeth.

The fact is, that in the long term, just brushing our teeth at home is not sufficient to have healthy teeth and gums. In fact, because so few of us take direct care of our gums, it is often these which cause us the most trouble.

Spitting blood

If you find that there is blood after you have brushed your teeth, it is very likely to be a sign that something is wrong. Whilst it is possible that you may have simply scratched your gums, this is probably unlikely, and especially so if it has happened more than once. The most likely scenario is that blood in your saliva is an early symptom of gum disease, and, as with any type of medical symptom, you should not ignore it in the hope that it will go away, but have it checked by a professional.

At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we routinely examine our patient’s gums as well as their teeth. As more teeth are lost through gum disease than tooth decay, this is an essential part of our work. Generally, if patients attend their six monthly checks, any early signs of gum disease can be treated quite quickly. For those who allow the symptoms to become severe, ‘root planing’ may be necessary; a procedure which can be uncomfortable and does not always guarantee success.

Early stage treatment

If you contact our Streatham dentists as soon as you notice any potential problems with your gums including bleeding, but also red or sore gums, there is a good chance that this can be reversed quite quickly. Generally, we will recommend that you see our hygienist who may clean your teeth, removing hardened bacterial deposits. They will also suggest ways in which you can improve your home care. This is likely to include the introduction of dental floss, which, if done correctly, is an excellent way of cleaning in the spaces between your teeth, where many problems occur.

Rather than wait for a problem to arise, we strongly advise that you register as a patient of the Confidental Clinic and make sure that you see us every six months for check ups. Doing so, should mean that minor issues can be dealt with swiftly, leaving your teeth and gums in better condition.

To register as a patient with one of our Streatham dentists, please call us on 020 8674 2052.