Dental Veneers – An Excellent Solution For Badly Stained Teeth

Dental Veneers – An Excellent Solution For Badly Stained Teeth

Don’t despair if you think your teeth are too severely stained to be whitened

We offer a range of proven and pain free cosmetic dental procedures here at Confidental clinic in Streatham and each one is designed to improve and enhance the appearance of your teeth.

One such treatment that we offer for our patients is a dental veneer.

If damaged, discoloured or misshapen teeth are causing you anxiety, and affecting your personal self-confidence, then a dental veneer could possibly be the solution that you’ve been looking for, helping to boost your confidence, look better and to provide you with a flawless smile.

A dental veneer is a cosmetic procedure, that consists of a very thin layer of porcelain that is designed so that it completely covers your tooth, replacing the natural damaged or discoloured outer layer.

The veneer will have been custom made so that visually it appears to be a natural part of your tooth. The veneer when bonded to the tooth, will fit snugly around it helping to fill in any unsightly gaps. A veneer can help to improve the visual appearance of the tooth, whilst at the same time helping to maintain your tooth’s natural appearance.

It can be used to cover both the discolouration that occurs naturally as the tooth ages, and also physical damage to the tooth i.e. chips and cracks. It will also improve the appearance of a tooth that is misshapen or crooked, or has unsightly gaps between it and it’s neighbours.

The colour of the finished veneer will be matched as closely as possible to that of the surrounding teeth, so that it will appear to be completely natural.

How does the treatment work ?

The tooth that is to receive the veneer is first of all prepared for the application, by having a very thin layer of it’s outer surface enamel removed. This is a painless procedure, though here at Confidental Clinic we do offer a range of sedation methods designed to help you if you are at all apprehensive or anxious.

When the surface has been prepared, we will take an impression of the teeth which will ensure that the new veneers will be made to fit perfectly around them.

The waiting time for the veneer to be made is approximately eight working days. During this time your dentist will cover the tooth with a temporary veneer; this is to help to maintain it’s outward visual appearance, and to keep the prepared tooth clean and free from infection. The tooth’s temporary veneer is designed in a similar way to the final veneer, it will look very similar to a natural tooth, helping to maintain your appearance until the final set is ready.

If you feel that dental veneers are something that could be of interest, or if you would like information on any other of our range of dental procedures, then please feel free to contact the clinic on 020 8674 2052. One of our experienced and dedicated dental care experts will be only too happy to help you.