Do Cosmetic Treatments Produce ‘Fake’ Looking Results?

Why cosmetically beneficial procedures can look very natural….

Lady with straight white teethAnybody who uses the internet or takes a daily paper will have, at some time, seen a story about someone whose cosmetic treatment has resulted in an exaggerated, and often unnatural looking result.

While we might find the story funny or scary, depending on the outcome, it may also have the effect of deterring us from having some of these procedures.

At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we believe that cosmetic dental procedures can really benefit patients, not only in providing a much improved smile but also as a confidence builder in many cases as well.

Media portrayals

Although most ‘sensationalist’ media stories have probably revolved around facial aesthetic treatments such as Botox, cosmetic dentistry has also had its fair share of stories too. In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at three of the treatments that we provide at our Streatham practice and look at the realities of these treatments, rather than some of the sensationalised media you may have seen.

Teeth whitening

Let us start with our most popular cosmetic dental treatment, the teeth whitening procedure. This is a fast acting and affordable procedure that can whiten teeth by several shades. Anyone who has paid little attention to this treatment may well only be aware of it because of media stories around reality TV, for example some of the contestants on Love Island, whose teeth are very white indeed. This angle isn’t new however, and Australian spin bowler, Shane Warne, also came in for some ‘stick’ when he had a makeover that not only included a fake tan but also some very white teeth indeed!

Both Shane and the Love Island contestants may have done much to bring teeth whitening into the public eye, and some people may be drawn to having teeth this white. It is likely though that an equal, or greater, number of people may have been put off this procedure because of the overly bright results that it produced.

Using our home teeth whitening kit which is specifically designed for you means that you can have whiter teeth to the degree that you want. If you want brilliantly white teeth, providing that it is possible with your teeth (for example, smoker’s teeth will probably not whiten to that extent anyway) you can do so. Most of our patients though, opt for a much more subtle improvement so that the results appear natural. We can adjust your treatment to achieve this aim and if you do find that your teeth are becoming whiter than anticipated, you can simply stop the treatment early.

Dental veneers

Although not as common, there have been some stories about people who have had porcelain veneers fitted which resulted in a ‘horse’s teeth’ type result. There are two possible reasons for this.

Firstly, the procedure may have been done, possibly abroad, by an inexperienced or unqualified dentist. Although you may be tempted by the offer to have this procedure done more cheaply overseas, there are certainly risks attached and you may end up not only with odd looking teeth but also potential damage to them too.

There is also a type of veneer available which, instead of replacing the damaged or discoloured enamel tooth surface, are simply attached on top. The quality of these varies, and again, opting for cheaper ones abroad probably increases the risk of an undesired outcome. If you think that you need veneers, the best way is to have a consultation at the Confidental Clinic. We will be able to offer impartial advice as to the suitability of, and which type of veneer should be used. Our experienced cosmetic dental team will make sure that the results look as natural as possible.


You can’t have teeth that are too straight and even. You can though, have teeth that have been straightened incorrectly which could cause problems later on. If we leave aside the DIY methods using elastic bands which can be found on the internet, and which we hope our patients would not dream of attempting, you still need to take care when choosing how to straighten your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment, if it is to be safe and successful, requires the skill of trained dentists, and not only when the treatment starts, but along the process to completion too. New companies are increasingly promoting orthodontic treatments which can, more or less, be done online. DIY impression kits are sent and orthodontics made from these. Monitoring is then done via photographs that the patients sends to the company.

Although many things are now fully done online, we feel that in this case, this is a potentially risky strategy for the patient. Teeth can only be properly monitored by examining the patient. If, for example, a tooth had cracked slightly, this probably wouldn’t be picked up from a photograph. The ongoing pressure of the orthodontic could then lead to further cracking of the tooth. With a physical examination, problems such as this would be noticed and corrective action could then be taken.

Whether it is routine dental care or cosmetic dentistry, we strongly recommend that patients have this done by a qualified dentist based in the UK.

For cosmetic or routine dental appointments, please call the Confidental Clinic today on 020 8674 2052.