Looking After Children’s Teeth

Looking After Children’s Teeth

Our friendly Streatham dentist – helping your child to maintain a healthy mouth.

At the Confidental Clinic, most of our dentists are not so old that they can no longer recall the anxiety of a dental visit when they were children. Especially when young and not fully understanding the importance of healthy teeth and gums, it is probably no surprise that children don’t like having their teeth examined.

Early dental care for children is important though and, in addition to making sure that they have healthy teeth, accustoming a young child to the dental environment can help to ensure that they maintain regular check ups through their life, and can minimise any dental anxieties that may otherwise arise.

An early start

Generally, it is a good idea to bring your child to their first dental appointment at about one year old. Whilst treatment is unlikely at this age, it does help to accustom them to the smells, sights and sounds of a dental practice. Once your child becomes a little older and is able to understand matters more, we would also recommend that they also see the hygienist at our Streatham practice. This will not only help to keep their teeth and gums healthy but also helps to reinforce the dental care advice you give them at home. Often we find that children listen better to a third-party rather than their parents who they may prefer to ignore!


Hopefully, advice from our dentists and hygienists, along with parental supervision will mean that your child will avoid any dental treatment. Sometimes though, this is unavoidable and it is clearly better to fill a tooth rather than let the problem become more advanced. We pride our practice on offering gentle dental care to all of our patients, but we take extra special care with children who may be frightened about the treatment that they are about to receive.

You can be sure that if do have to perform dental surgery on your child’s teeth, then we will do so in a calm and professional manner, and make every attempt to minimise any stress that your child may feel. The most important thing for a child’s oral health is to have an oral examination at our Streatham practice approximately every six months. This will hopefully enable them to look after their teeth better and will enable us to detect any potential issues in their early stages and hopefully avoid more invasive treatments.

If your children live in the Streatham area and are not registered at a dental practice, why not call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8674 2052 and arrange to see one of our child friendly dental team? We look forward to seeing you!