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Possible Signs Of A Tooth Abscess

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A dental abscess can be extremely painful. Our Streatham dental team offers advice on what signs to look for. Anyone who has ever suffered from dental pain will know how all consuming it can be. Although even common problems such

Endodontic Treatment Aftercare

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Looking after your treated tooth following a root canal procedure. When the root canals of a tooth become infected, there are really only two viable options available. That is either to extract the tooth or to undergo a root canal

Saving An Infected Tooth in Streatham

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Endodontic treatment – a brief explanation Dental problems are often associated with external damage to the tooth, such as when a tooth breaks or dental decay occurs. Problems inside the tooth can also occur though, and when they do, can

Preserving A Tooth With Root Canal Treatment

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Avoiding tooth extraction at your local Streatham dentist. Extracting a tooth is always the last resort at the Confidental Clinic and our aim is to preserve as much of the natural tooth as we can. Sometimes this is not possible,