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The Rise Of Adult & Teen Teeth Straightening

Teens with straight white teeth

Why the numbers of teens and older people seeking orthodontic treatment is increasing. Wearing dental braces once used to be the preserve of teenagers and the sight of kids in the playground with metal ‘train track’ style braces was quite

Living With Dental Braces

Lady with straight white teeth

Tips to help with a better experience whilst receiving orthodontic treatment. Having crooked teeth can create a number of problems, the most obvious of these being that, no matter how white your teeth are, crooked teeth will almost certainly spoil

What Is The Right Age To Have Your Teeth Straightened?

Early intervention and adult braces. In an ideal world, we would all have perfectly white, and perfectly straight and healthy teeth. As we know, it very rarely works out this way and most of us will have teeth that are

Invisalign – For A Great Looking Smile

An even smile using near invisible and comfortable braces at our Streatham practice. Anyone who has not investigated the options available for straightening teeth recently, may well be surprised at the improvements that have been made. Whilst the traditional metal