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What Will The Additional £20bn For The NHS Mean For Dental Care In Streatham?

Some speculation about whether NHS dentistry will be a beneficiary from this money. Leaving aside the contentious  ‘Brexit dividend’, the additional money granted to the NHS on it’s 70th birthday is to be welcomed. Although some argue that this less

Dental Care For Vulnerable Adults In Streatham

Our experienced dentists offer comprehensive care for all. Most people are fully aware of the need to visit their dentist at least twice a year. Some, such as diabetics, will also acknowledge that these appointments may need to be more

NHS Dentistry For Our Streatham Patients

Basic family dental care for healthy teeth. Whilst cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular, most people’s priority is to ensure that their teeth are healthy and in good condition. To ensure that all of our patients in the local area

Essential Dental Care

Teens with straight white teeth

Seeing an NHS dentist at our Streatham practice for healthy teeth and gums. Whilst more and more people are visiting the Confidental Clinic for cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers and orthodontics, the majority of patients still visit