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Why Are We So Reluctant To Use Dental Floss?

We all brush our teeth daily, so why don’t many of us perform this important task as well? For most of us, cleaning our teeth is a habit ingrained from when we were young. Most of us will have heard

Children And Their (Sometimes) Smelly Breath

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

It isn’t just grown ups who can have bad breath advises Streatham dentist, Dr Manisha Patel. As we have mentioned in a number of previous blogs including this one, bad breath is often linked to a number of different factors.

Bathroom Essentials For Healthy Teeth

Teeth flossing

Our guide to what you should have in your everyday oral healthcare kit. Taking care of your teeth and gums is a long term project. The dentists and hygienists at the Confidental Clinic are here to support our Streatham dental

Dental Hygienist Visits

Teeth flossing

Helping You To Avoid Or Manage Gum Disease. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in the UK. Healthy gums should not bleed and if you are struggling with brushing and flossing everyday, and/or have noticed that there

How Should Children Clean Their Teeth?

An oral health guide for parents of young (and not so young) children. If you have children, you will probably be aware of how difficult it can be to get them to do something that, as adults, we do twice

Three Reasons To Visit A Dental Hygienist

Not already seeing our Streatham dental hygienist? Here’s why you should consider it. Thanks to better general understanding of oral health care, most people now know to brush their teeth regularly, and, slowly but surely, an increasing number now also

Cleaner And Healthier Teeth

A simple trip to your Streatham hygienist can give your teeth a visible, healthy boost. A visit to the hygienist is sometimes thought, by some, not to be an essential part of dental care, and to be an ‘add on’