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Make A Move Towards Mercury Free Dentistry

Lady with straight white teeth

White dental fillings offer an excellent substitute in Streatham. Over the years there have been many stories about the ‘risks’ of using mercury in the production of amalgam fillings. It is true that this is a potentially toxic substance and

Can Mercury Leak From Amalgam Fillings?

A report indicates that some MRI scans may cause leakage. A report out today has indicated that amalgam fillings may break down a little and leak mercury if the patient is undergoing an ultra high strength MRI scan. It is

Your Dental Filling Options In Streatham

Dentist Tushar Patel

An overview of commonly used dental filling materials in the UK. Filling a tooth is perhaps the most routine treatment carried out at dental practices across the world and very few people will go through life without having one. It

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Dentist Tushar Patel

Our Streatham dentist investigates this common dental problem. Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems that we see at the Confidental Clinic. Children especially are likely to suffer from it due to their fondness for high sugar