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Do Cosmetic Treatments Produce ‘Fake’ Looking Results?

Why cosmetically beneficial procedures can look very natural…. Anybody who uses the internet or takes a daily paper will have, at some time, seen a story about someone whose cosmetic treatment has resulted in an exaggerated, and often unnatural looking

Are You Self Conscious About Your Smile?

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If so, there are many ways that our Streatham dentists can help you to improve it. In this modern era of selfies and endless photo albums on social media, there are some amongst us, who may shy away from joining

Cosmetic Restoration Of Teeth For Older Patients

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The New Year could offer a new start for your smile with our wide range of dental procedures. Most of us will look back at 2018, perhaps with a mixture of emotions. Whatever sort of year we have had though,

Cosmetic Dentistry And You!

It’s time to reclaim your confidence…. Many, many people struggle with their smile, or rather how their smile looks. Through dental disease, neglect, lifestyle habits, injury or a combination of lots of circumstances, teeth can start to look very different

A Smile Makeover For Spring In Streatham

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Some popular cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile. Although it may be hard to believe, given the recent almost Siberian weather, Spring actually started in the UK on 1st of March, using the meteorological method. If you use the

Creating A Winning Smile

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How cosmetic dental treatments available at our Streatham practice could change your life. It may seem an exaggerated claim, that a great looking smile can radically transform your life, but in some cases, this really can be true. Of course,

Straighter Teeth – The Discreet Way

How we use invisible braces at our Streatham dental practice. Whilst having your teeth whitened can help to boost confidence and give you a great smile, it can also pose a problem for anyone who has crooked teeth. Having a