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The Benefits Of Using An Electric Toothbrush?

Streatham dentist, Dr Rohit Kumar, asks if an electric toothbrush should be standard equipment in every bathroom. When the electric toothbrush first came out, they were seen by some as a passing gimmick, and a rather ‘space age’ looking one

Veganism And Your Oral Health

A dentist explains

Becoming vegan might help your health and the planet, but beware of the risks to your teeth! It is thought that there are now somewhere in the region of half a million people in the UK who follow a vegan

Playing Sport – Implications For Teeth & Gums

Dentist Tushar Patel

Streatham dentist, Tushar Patel, explains why playing sports and keeping fit can affect your oral health. Especially when we are younger, many of us take part in sporting activities, whether this be at a high level, or simply an informal

Two Minute Oral Health Care Tips From Confidental Streatham

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Having a healthy mouth doesn’t have to be time consuming. Fillings, extractions; these are words that patients at our dental clinic don’t like to hear. Sometimes these problems can be caused by circumstances outside of our control, such as a

Is There Any Link Between HPV And Oral Cancer?

Concerned patient

Dental education for patients Our clinical team were recently discussing the link between HPV and oral cancer, and we thought that it would be useful to write a blog post on this to provide advice for our valued patients. There

Skipping Brushing Your Teeth At Bedtime? Big Mistake….

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Late night tiredness can result in neglecting our teeth overnight, with potentially disastrous consequences. Some people argue that you should brush your teeth before breakfast, in the morning, whilst others argue that you should do so afterwards. Whatever the case

Pericoronitis And Pyorrhea – Two ‘Ps’ You May Not Have Heard Of

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

Your local Streatham dentist discusses these two dental terms. We are sure that some of our patients sometimes feel a little confused when we take notes during their check up. As we are not speaking to you directly at that

Daily Habits That Are Good For Your Teeth

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Professional dental care is essential for healthy teeth, but there are lots of other things you can do to help. What we do in our daily lives can have a significant impact upon our teeth. What we eat, whether we

Genetic Factors That Can Affect Your Teeth And Gums

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A look at some inherited family traits that can affect our overall oral health. Let’s presume that everyday, you brush your teeth diligently, floss them every night and also eat a tooth friendly diet and keep all of your dental

Getting The Maximum Benefit From Your Dental Check-ups

Dr Payal Patel of Confidental Clinic Streatham

Dr Payal Patel advises what to discuss with your dentist during a checkup at our Streatham practice Hopefully, most of our patients are in  the habit of having a dental examination every six months or so. This is one of