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Dental Terms Explained By Your Streatham Dentists

Explanations of some dental terminology you may have come across, but not understood. Whether it is during dental surgery, a check up or reading about it online, patients will inevitably come across words that they don’t understand related to dentistry.

Does Fear Of Pain Keep You Away From The Dentist?

Streatham dentist, Dr Manisha Patel, offers some helpful advice to anxious patients According to a recent survey, nearly a quarter of people of working age avoid going to see the dentist because of the fear of possible pain. This is

When Did You Last See A Dentist?

Returning to the dentist after a long gap can be a concern, but please don’t worry. Most people, most of the time, will see a dentist for a check up every six months or so. This is an excellent way

Starting Your Day With A Good Oral Health Routine

Brushing our teeth at bedtime is important, but so is how we start our day! Morning-time can feel very different for different people. Some of us rise and get up early, really looking forward to the day ahead, whilst others

Are You Suitable For Dental Veneers?

Is this transformative cosmetic dentistry treatment the right choice for you? There have been a few articles in magazines recently about whether having dental veneers at a young age is a good idea. These are especially aimed at the Love

5 Good Reasons To Stop Smoking In The New Year

Our Streatham dental team discuss the damage that cigarettes can do to your health. 2020 is now here and many of us will already have forgotten about Christmas. With work and daily life back into a routine, some of us

Confidental Clinic – Tips For Oral Health Improvement In The New Year

With 2019 coming to a close, how can you improve your mouth health in 2020? Christmas is now just a week away, followed by a short break until the New Year celebrations begin. Despite our focus being on these events,

Your Christmas And New Year Dental Quiz

A fun reminder of some important oral health points During 2019, our team have posted many blogs, focussing on different aspects of your oral health, from basic family dental tips to in depth analysis of treatments such as dental implant

Do Cosmetic Treatments Produce ‘Fake’ Looking Results?

Why cosmetically beneficial procedures can look very natural…. Anybody who uses the internet or takes a daily paper will have, at some time, seen a story about someone whose cosmetic treatment has resulted in an exaggerated, and often unnatural looking

Teeth Whitening For Older Patients

Beautiful white teeth need not be just for the younger generation…. If you are a regular watcher of TV, you can’t help but have noticed the number of younger people who have really white teeth. Whilst teeth are often whiter