Your Bi-Annual Oral Health Check

Your Bi-Annual Oral Health Check

Visiting your Streatham dentist twice a year helps to prevent dental problems.

Whilst some dental problems can happen almost instantly, such as when a tooth breaks due to a fall or similar circumstances, the fact is that most dental problems gradually build up over a longer period of time.

Providing that we take good care of our teeth at home, brushing and flossing regularly, most of this can either be avoided altogether or develop so slowly that problems can be treated in their very early stages if detected soon enough.

To ensure early detection and for general preventative measures, we recommend that our patients visit their Confidental Clinic dentist at least twice a year for a thorough oral health check.

Preventative dentistry

By allowing our dentists to inspect your mouth at regular intervals, any small areas of dental decay can be easily treated using just a minor filling. By restoring the tooth whilst damage is minimal, there is every chance of avoiding more invasive dental treatment later on. We may also offer suggestions about how to clean your teeth better if we feel that there is a particular area of your teeth which are not being cleaned sufficiently; the rear of the back teeth is a place often neglected, for example.

We may also ask you to see our hygienist to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned using a ‘scale and polish’ as well as checking for any signs of gum disease. As well as your regular checks with the dentist, we also recommend that you maintain regular hygienist appointments, as this is an excellent additional step towards maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Other issues we look for are any signs that may potentially indicate oral cancer. Whilst this is relatively rare, it does happen and can even be fatal if not treated in its early stages. Smokers and heavy drinkers especially, are at an increased risk.

If we detect unusual signs in your mouth, such as white or red patches or lumps,  we may recommend that you have them checked by your GP. It is important to remember that we are in an excellent front line position to detect any possible problems and it makes sense to have any potential issues diagnosed correctly and early enough to receive treatment if necessary.


Whilst, for most patients, a visit to the Confidental Clinic every six months should suffice, some patients, such as diabetics, may need to see us more often. We will discuss this with you when we examine your medical records at your initial consultation.

If you live in the Streatham area and are not registered with a dental practice, or are already registered with us but have missed an appointment or two, why not take this opportunity to get your oral health back on track by calling the Confidental Clinic team today on 020 8674 2052.