Why Drinking Water Is Good For Your Teeth And Gums

Why Drinking Water Is Good For Your Teeth And Gums

Our Streatham dentist explains why hydration is so important for oral health.

People are probably more aware of how to look after their oral health these days. Most people brush their teeth regularly twice a day and, hopefully, given its importance and our emphasis in previous blogs, more of our Streatham patients are starting to use dental floss as well.

These simple things, along with reducing sugar in your diet, can go a long way to improving the health of your teeth and gums. There is one other factor though, which is often ignored, but can play a significant role in having a healthy mouth, and that is hydration.

Why water?

Most of us probably drink when we are thirsty. It is far better though to make sure that we never feel thirsty, drinking water regularly. Staying hydrated is beneficial in many ways which you can see below. It is important to say at this stage, that we do mean water and not carbonated high sugar drinks which can damage your teeth.

Flushing – Drinking water regular will help to flush away sugars and small food particles which have become stuck between the teeth. Not only is this good for health, it also reduces the risk of bad breath from rotting food debris.

Bacteria – Our mouths are full of bacteria, some of which is bad if left uncontrolled. By drinking water, the number of bacteria are kept under control, helping you to have a healthier mouth.

Gum disease – Gingival bacteria can contribute to gum disease. Not only will drinking water help to flush them away, but these bacteria love a warm and dry environment in which to breed. This commonly happens whilst we sleep when our mouths become dry. To help avoid this, make sure that you are well hydrated before going to bed, especially after alcohol consumption.

Fluoride – Tap water especially, contains fluoride, a substance that helps to strengthen the enamel of our teeth, helping to protect them from decay. In the UK, most of us have access to perfectly good tap water and we recommend that patients take advantage of this to help boost the health of their teeth.

The one time that we would recommend that you do not use water, is to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Whilst once, this would have been regular advice, dentists now believe that the toothpaste should be allowed to remain in the mouth for a while in order to gain the maximum benefit of fluoride in the toothpaste. Simply spit out the excess toothpaste after brushing.

If you already brush and floss your teeth, the simple act of drinking a little more water could be a real help in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, and is easy to do.  This does not mean, of course that regular checks by the team and hygienists at your handy Streatham dental practice are not important, and we hope that you will keep these up too!

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