Too Busy To Look After Your Teeth?

Too Busy To Look After Your Teeth?

The hectic lifestyle of many workers now means that we often follow bad habits for our teeth.

Whether you are an office worker, or rushing around on your bike to make deliveries, the chances are that you very rarely get the chance to sit down to eat a leisurely meal during your lunch break.

In fact, although these were once commonplace, many workers now sit at their desk and eat whilst working. For some, this may be a choice and allow them to leave earlier whilst for others this may be a necessity due to employment arrangements.

If you live your working day this way, as many of us do, then there is every chance that you are eating and drinking in a way that is unhealthy for your teeth and gums. It may take a little extra effort to correct this, but our Streatham dental team have put a few suggestions together to help you to get through your working day without damaging your teeth.

Drink water

Don’t reach for the highly acidic and sugar filled soft drinks. Water will quench your thirst much faster and causes no damage to your teeth. In fact, hydration is an important factor in good oral health care, both to wash away food debris and minimise the risk of gum disease.

Plan your snacks

Feeling peckish in the morning, perhaps because you skipped breakfast? If so, most of us will reach for the first thing available to satisfy our hunger. If we pop in to the local shop, there is every chance that this will be something very sweet. Mornings can be a rush, especially if you have young children too; so try to pack your snacks the night before, taking such things as cheese, nuts and perhaps some healthy crunchy sliced vegetable too.

Sugar free gum

Whatever you eat will eventually break down into its various components. One of the causes of tooth decay is when food becomes trapped between our teeth, releasing sugars which attract bacteria which may contribute to enamel damage and subsequent tooth decay. Even if you eat healthily, try to include some sugar free chewing gum into your daily routine. This is great for picking up tiny particles of food from between the teeth, as well as improving your saliva flow.

Ring the dentist!

If you live a busy life, you may think that you have no time to visit a dentist, especially if your teeth are causing you no problems. The reality though, is that without regular dental care, small problems which you may not notice can soon escalate and even result in toothache or other dental pain. At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we will do our best to find a convenient appointment time for you, to make sure that your teeth and gum health is monitored on a regular basis.

However busy you are, if you have not seen a dentist for a check up for some time, now is the time to make an appointment. You can call the Confidental Clinic on 020 8674 2052. We’ll be pleased to see you!