Two Minute Oral Health Care Tips From Confidental Streatham

Two Minute Oral Health Care Tips From Confidental Streatham

Having a healthy mouth doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Fillings, extractions; these are words that patients at our dental clinic don’t like to hear. Sometimes these problems can be caused by circumstances outside of our control, such as a blow to the teeth. Often though, these treatments are necessary because the patient has taken insufficient care of their teeth in the time since their last appointment at the Confidental Clinic in Streatham.

It can be all too easy to forget about our teeth and the need for proper attention to keep them in good health. When a toothache strikes though, we will probably wish that we had looked after them better. Dental care is an ongoing thing, and whilst it is possible to spend hours reading up on this subject, the reality is that much of the way that we can look after our teeth takes only around 2 minutes or so.

Your 2 minute healthy teeth and gums tips

Let us start with the most obvious of these. We are sure that you have heard that you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes both in the morning and evening. This is good advice and we also recommend that you use a timer to make sure that you are doing so. Make sure to brush both the back and front surface of your teeth and pay special attention to the area at the back of the rear teeth. This is a little more tricky to reach and is probably why so much decay occurs in this area. If you are supervising children while they clean their teeth, you may need to add a little extra time to allow for the non brushing elements of that two minutes.

The next most obvious thing is to floss your teeth. We have covered before in our blogs why this is so important to prevent gum disease and decay from occurring. Does it take just two minutes though? The fact is that once you have become adept at this, it probably does only take a couple of minutes or at worst perhaps a minute or so more. Some people find it difficult at first, but we recommend that you persevere. Our Streatham dental hygiene team are always happy to demonstrate how to floss correctly.

What we eat and drink plays a significant role in the health of our teeth. Time constraints and cravings may well lead us to eat foods that are high in sugars and other potentially harmful ingredients. If you are the type of shopper that rushes around the supermarket in order to get out as quickly as possible, take a deep breath and take a look in your basket before you pass through the checkout. Do you really ‘need’ the chocolate, sweets and other tooth harming products? In most cases, you could at least put some of them back on the shelf and help your teeth.

The same applies when you are dining out. Most of us look at the menu and decide what we want to eat based on taste and previous experiences at that restaurant or cafe. Take a little time to also consider if it is tooth friendly or not. We are not saying you should never ‘splurge’ and eat what you want, but you may wish to consider reducing the number of times that you do this. The same applies when it comes to what you drink. Many drinks are high in sugar, so you may wish to replace at least some of these.

In addition to the above, there are a number of small things that you can do to help your teeth. One very simple one is to swill your mouth well with water after a meal and then spit. This will not remove the bacteria and food that flossing will, but it will start the process by removing some of the food that gets trapped between our teeth when we eat, especially if our teeth are crooked and overlap. We can’t overemphasise the importance of flossing, but where this is not possible for some time, this simple trick will really help.

Appointments at the Confidental Clinic

While all of the above quick tips will help to keep your mouth healthy, you will still need to see a dentist and hygienist on a regular basis to prevent any minor issues becoming worse. If you are not registered with a dental practice, or have skipped appointments for a while, one of the best ways that you can spend the next two minutes is by picking up the phone and giving us a call. Our friendly reception team can them make a convenient appointment for you to see one of our Streatham dental and hygienist team.  So why not put down your laptop or ‘phone depending on what you are reading this blog on, and give the Confidental Clinic a call on 020 8674 2052. As the well known TV advertisement says “you know it makes sense”!