Month: June 2018

Can Mercury Leak From Amalgam Fillings?

A report indicates that some MRI scans may cause leakage. A report out today has indicated that amalgam fillings may break down a little and leak mercury if the patient is undergoing an ultra high strength MRI scan. It is

Illegal Teeth Whitening Still Happening in London

A warning to Streatham patients to avoid potentially dangerous treatments. An investigation earlier this year revealed that there are an increasing number of illegal teeth whitening outlets opening in London. Although this practise is now banned unless performed by a

What Will The Additional £20bn For The NHS Mean For Dental Care In Streatham?

Some speculation about whether NHS dentistry will be a beneficiary from this money. Leaving aside the contentious  ‘Brexit dividend’, the additional money granted to the NHS on it’s 70th birthday is to be welcomed. Although some argue that this less

Too Busy To Look After Your Teeth?

Teeth flossing

The hectic lifestyle of many workers now means that we often follow bad habits for our teeth. Whether you are an office worker, or rushing around on your bike to make deliveries, the chances are that you very rarely get

Enamel Regeneration – The Future?

A dentist explains

Could science help us to rebuild damaged tooth enamel in the not too far off future? Every now and then a ‘good news’ dental story makes the news. One recent one is the claim that scientists have discovered a method