Month: May 2018

Dentures Are Still The Number One Tooth Replacement Method

How the modern dentures offered at our Streatham practice now offer a better patient experience. Dentures are one of those things that crop up from time to time in cartoons. Usually someone sneezes and the dentures fly across the room.

It’s National Smile Month!

Dentist Tushar Patel

Helping the nation to have healthier teeth and gums. From the 14th May to 14th June is National Smile Month and across the country there are educational events encouraging people to take better care of their oral health. The aim

Cold Beer And Ice Cream

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

And other Summer challenges to our teeth….. The recent (short!) hot spell of weather will probably have reminded some of us of what Summer could be like if we are lucky. Our habits tend to change as the weather warms

Four Top Tips For Brighter Looking Teeth

Good smile and teeth

How our Streatham patients can achieve whiter looking teeth by following a few simple rules. Almost everyone would love to have teeth that are both even and white. This is achievable for most of us, with the help of some