Month: April 2018

Confused About Which Toothpaste To Buy?

A dentist explains

With the ever expanding range of ‘targeted’ toothpastes available, it’s hardly surprising. Anyone old enough to remember the time when buying toothpaste meant choosing between a handful of brands would be thoroughly confused if they looked at the range of

Is Your Child At Risk Of Tooth Decay?

A staggering number of young children are having teeth extracted, is your child at risk? Report after report, in 2018, has indicated an ‘epidemic’ in tooth decay amongst children. At our Streatham dentists, we know that there is simply no

There’s No Need To Put Up With Bad Teeth – Act Now!

How we can help to restore the smile of Streatham patients who have poor quality teeth. Through good personal oral care and regular attendance at the dentist, the chances of maintaining strong teeth and healthy gums are increased. However, this

Can Your Medication Affect Your Teeth?

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

Tooth decay and other problems can be caused by some relatively common medications. If you follow the common sense approach to good oral health which includes a sensible diet, regular brushing and flossing of the teeth and gums, as well