Month: March 2018

Maintaining a healthy mouth whilst wearing braces

Wearing orthodontics can present specific challenges to keeping your teeth and gumsĀ  healthy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of our Streatham patients wear dental braces. These systems enable crooked and uneven teeth to be straightened, creating a more attractive smile, and

A Smile Makeover For Spring In Streatham

cosmetic dentistry

Some popular cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile. Although it may be hard to believe, given the recent almost Siberian weather, Spring actually started in the UK on 1st of March, using the meteorological method. If you use the

Practical Suggestions To Protect Your Teeth

A dentist explains

Simple ways to reduce the risk of damage to your teeth and gums. Having a healthy set of teeth means that you can eat, laugh and smile with confidence. Once damage starts to occur though, you may find yourself avoiding

Drinks To Avoid For Healthier Teeth

Consuming some popular drinks can have a significant effect on our teeth. What we drink on a daily basis can have consequences for our teeth. Whilst there is no need to avoid the worst culprits altogether, although our teeth would