Month: February 2018

Tooth Discolouration As We Age

great smiles for older people

Why don’t our teeth remain white for life, even with regular brushing? Most of us like to think that we look after our teeth, and generally brush them both morning and night. Whilst there is often room for improvement, especially

Completing Our Dental Terminology Discussion – S to Z

Dentist Tushar Patel

The last in our series of terms that you might hear at your Streatham dentist. We hope that you have found this series useful. Today, we conclude with dental terms, from S to Z. Remember, if you hear your dentist

Continuing The A-Z Of Dental Terminology (O to T)

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

A further list of words and terms you might hear at our Streatham practice. Continuing our series of blogs on this subject, today, we look at some dental terms, starting with ‘O’. O – Oral Cancer Oral, or mouth, cancer,