Month: January 2018

An A – Z Of Dentistry Terminology (I to N)

Continuing our blog of common dental terms. In today’s Confidental Clinic Streatham blog, we continue to take a look at some of the words and phrases that you may have heard in our practice from time to time. Today, we

An A-Z Of Dentistry Terms (A to H)

A dentist explains

Dental terms which our Streatham patients may have heard mentioned. Today, we start a series of blog posts, looking at some common, and some not so common, terminology that you may have heard at the Confidental Clinic. We hope that

Do You Want Fewer Cavities? Here’s How….

Teeth flossing

Some simple steps to minimise the need for fillings. Although, at the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we are able to restore decaying teeth with either white dental fillings, or in more severe cases, a crown, it probably goes without saying

Gum Disease Prevention For The Whole Family In Streatham

However young or old you are, you should not ignore the dangers of gum disease. We probably tend to think of gum disease as something which generally affects older people. Whilst there are specific reasons why this age group may

Whiter Teeth & Smiles For 2018!

white teeth smile

Helping our Streatham patients regain confidence in their smile. We hope that you have all had a good Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to the year ahead. No doubt, we will be writing more blogs advising you