Month: December 2017

Electric Toothbrush For Christmas?

How this stocking filler can help keep your teeth and gums healthy (plus other Christmas tips!) If you are struggling for last minute Christmas present stocking filler ideas, you could do worse than consider an electric toothbrush. Whilst a manual

Is Dental Anxiety Stopping You From Having Healthy Teeth?

Concerned patient

Our team of friendly Streatham dentists will help to put you at ease. Dental anxiety is relatively common, with most patients exhibiting at least some minor symptoms such as increased heart rate or sweating. For most patients, these symptoms might

Bad Weather Dental Emergencies in Streatham

A dentist explains

With snow and black ice widespread, the risk of accidents is increasing. Although the snow looks beautiful when it settles on the landscape, it can present many difficulties for a lot of people. It is often not the snow itself