Month: November 2017

Restoration Of A Broken Front Tooth In Streatham

What are your options when a front tooth breaks? Because they are the most exposed, our front teeth are the most vulnerable when it comes to damage through accidents. If you play sports, you may wish to consider wearing a

What Is The Right Age To Have Your Teeth Straightened?

Early intervention and adult braces. In an ideal world, we would all have perfectly white, and perfectly straight and healthy teeth. As we know, it very rarely works out this way and most of us will have teeth that are

Do You Have ‘Morning Breath’?

Smelly breath in the morning, and what you can do about it. If your partner turns the other way when you try to kiss them in the morning, and even your children hide when they see you approaching, you may

Is It Possible To Stop Teeth Discolouring?

whiter teeth on older couple

A look at how our teeth discolour over time and whether we can halt or slow down the process It would not be unreasonable to think that, providing we look after our teeth well from childhood, there is no reason

Restoring Teeth Damaged By Bruxism

A dentist explains

Our Streatham dentist discusses this frustrating condition Teeth grinding, or ‘bruxism’, to give it its correct name, is relatively common. It is quite likely that we all do it at some time or another, usually when under a lot of