Month: October 2017

How Should Children Clean Their Teeth?

An oral health guide for parents of young (and not so young) children. If you have children, you will probably be aware of how difficult it can be to get them to do something that, as adults, we do twice

Halloween Tips For Healthy Teeth

Dr Manisha Patel dentist

Kids, don’t ‘spook’ your parents with an unhealthy sugar intake on October 31st. Although relatively new in the UK as a major festival, Halloween has rapidly caught on, becoming especially popular with young children. Whilst some of this is the

Why You Should Always Keep Your Dental Appointment

Dentist Tushar Patel

Delaying or postponing check ups or treatments may lead to further problems. We accept that there are times when a dental appointment may have to be cancelled at short notice. Having a heavy cold, or flu, for example, means that

Dental Care For Vulnerable Adults In Streatham

Our experienced dentists offer comprehensive care for all. Most people are fully aware of the need to visit their dentist at least twice a year. Some, such as diabetics, will also acknowledge that these appointments may need to be more