Month: September 2017

When Your Dental Emergency Turns Out To Be A Root Canal Infection

root canal procedure

Why our Streatham dentists perform this procedure to save an infected tooth. Emergency dental appointments are usually made when there is either obvious damage to a tooth, such as a breakage, or where the patient is experiencing a painful toothache.

Three Reasons To Visit A Dental Hygienist

Not already seeing our Streatham dental hygienist? Here’s why you should consider it. Thanks to better general understanding of oral health care, most people now know to brush their teeth regularly, and, slowly but surely, an increasing number now also

7 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

A few simple changes to your daily habits can make the world of difference to your teeth. At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we have both the skills and technology available to restore most cases of damaged or infected teeth.

Using Dental Veneers To Restore Damaged Teeth in Streatham

white teeth smile

An effective method to restore chipped teeth, at the Confidental Clinic. When a tooth breaks significantly, most people will contact their local dentist as soon as they can, to have it examined and restored, possibly using a dental filling or