Month: June 2017

The Dangers Of DIY Dentistry

Concerned patient

How even seemingly innocent DIY dental restorations can have negative consequences. Although most people do keep regular dental appointments and allow an experienced local dentist to care for their teeth and gums, there are a small number of people who

Saving An Infected Tooth in Streatham

root canal procedure

Endodontic treatment – a brief explanation Dental problems are often associated with external damage to the tooth, such as when a tooth breaks or dental decay occurs. Problems inside the tooth can also occur though, and when they do, can

Your Teeth Whitening Options in Streatham

cosmetic dentistry

Occasional ‘one off whitenings’ or a long term solution? At the Confidental Clinic in Streatham, we offer our patients an effective and flexible teeth whitening procedure that will improve teeth whiteness by up to eight shades. Naturally the level of

Invisalign – For A Great Looking Smile

An even smile using near invisible and comfortable braces at our Streatham practice. Anyone who has not investigated the options available for straightening teeth recently, may well be surprised at the improvements that have been made. Whilst the traditional metal